thankful thursdays 9/17

Sep 17, 2009

* I was able to harvest oodles of banana squash, grape tomatoes, potatoes, and zucchini from a community garden in Rexburg – for free!!! Thank you to the students who planted and tended it all summer! (Does anyone know what to do with banana squash?)
* A good friend, Katie, gave me some chuck roasts and a big bag of red potatoes yesterday!
* My amazon order finally came! It took over two weeks! Fisher’s birthday book and Blythe’s Shakespeare book, along with books for 9 other students have arrived!
* I found the most amazing treasure at Book City! Look at this:Our Home

Yes, that is a 1900 edition of the book Our Home by C.E. Sargent!

And the cost?

Drumroll please…

$15.00!!!! I nearly died! You can’t even get the reprinted paperback version for less than $20.

You can’t tell from the picture, but the pages have gold leafing and inside there are lovely paintings with oil skins on them to protect them. The cover is a deep red and is exquisitely beautiful. I think someone has had this in their home for the last 109 years and never even opened it. What a travesty – to have in your possession words that are so inspiring to create a God-centered family home and to not even read it! It is such a delight to savor the words and ponder how to implement the ideas in my own home. Look for excerpts from it to be posted in the future – you will love them, promise.
* Annesley went pee in the toilet. Now, I am not really grateful for this because I want her potty trained or anything – I’m sure we are a long ways from that. I am just excited for her because she has been trying to get something in the toilet for months. She was so proud of herself and gave everyone in the house “5”.
* We were given a king size mattress set this week from off of Freecycle – can you even imagine? Now to be honest, the givers said that the mattress is so firm it hurt their ribs to lay on it, so we don’t really know if we will love it or not. Generous none the less!
* We loved our violin lessons last week! Our new teacher is fabulous and we are so blessed to be able to have her. She is letting me clean for her to pay for lessons – what a gift!

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  1. Anne

    i love your thankful thursdays! They make me appreciate my own life and help me see so many things to be thankful for in everyday living! I also see how God is blessing you and your family!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying violin! That is SO neat that you found that beautiful book for such a bargain!

  3. Tasha

    You can put a foam pad on top of the mattress if it is too firm. That’s what we do with ours. I love reading your Thankful Thursday posts. Things like this make me appreciate the little things in my life!