the boy who loved words

Sep 1, 2009

We read a delightful book today entitled The Boy Who Loved Words by
Roni Schotter.The Boy Who Loved Words

I highly recommend you check it out at your local library or if you are interested in buying it, you can do so here, at my Amazon bookstore.

This book is about a boy who loves the sounds, the meanings, and the spellings of words – he loves words and collects them. He wonders if he is odd, but then he has a dream that it is his mission (yes, for all you TJED’ers out there, that is exactly what it says…mission) to spread interesting and “perfect for the occasion” words to all the world. The book is full of delightful words and phrases like tintinnabulating, windmill of worry, wordsworth, spry, luscious, gusto, rucksack, jibber-jabber, and lots more.

Speaking of reading great books, we had a GREAT school day today. The girls both got some good practice in on their violins. We had pancakes for breakfast and then everyone cleaned up their stewardship areas so we could start the day with a tidy home. Then Blythe had seminary this morning – her first day! While she was gone, Keziah and I read 1 Nephi 1, alternating verses back and forth. Then she listened to chapter 2 while following along in her scriptures. After Blythe got home from seminary, we had devotional with singing, prayer, pledge, article of faith memorization, poetry, and temple geography. Then I read them The Boy Who Loved Words and we learned our “word of the day”, which was “exultant.” We read They Loved to Laugh for awhile and the children did puzzles, drawing, building marble creations, and a sticker book. Then we had lunch and a friend came over to look at my Usborne books. Afterwards we did math, logic puzzles (Keziah loves them), played outside, and then got ready for dinner. Right after dinner, Keziah went outside to give scraps for the chickens and found a bloody, very wet kitten on the deck. Now there is one more and it looks like still more to come. We will have to see what happens during the night.

Now it is time for scriptures and bed…6 a.m. comes way too soon!

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  1. Kari Pike

    I am excited about finding your blog today. (I was searching for the composers of the Gethsemane song. ) I am the mother of 9 children, and while most of them are now grown and married, i still have 3 at home and my oldest daughter is temporarily living with us with her 5 children. She homeschools the children and I love helping when I can. I am also a doula and a childbirth educator, and I wish I had the information from TJE when my kids were little! so now..i share it with my adult children in hopes they will use it in raising my grandchildren! thank you for you information and your beautiful spirit! I will direct my daughter here!

    • tracy

      Welcome Kari! 9 children is WONDERFUL! I always thought I would have a big family, but God sends us our babies pretty slowly, so I don’t know how many we will end up with. I hope my thoughts will continue to give you inspiration, nurturing, and joy!