Oct 23, 2009

I wrote my Thankful Thursdays in such a hurry yesterday that I left out some important things! Goodness, my brain is forgetting stuff all the time these days!

1. My friend, Jennifer, went to Texas and brought me back a “Life is Good” shirt from a “Life is Good” store! I have never even been in a “Life is Good” store, but she went and bought something for me because she knows I absolutely love their shirts. Actually I love all their stuff. It has a glass on the front and says “Half Full.” I hope it helps me to be a “half full” kind of girl.

2. My friend, Jessica, made me one of her super-duper camera straps! It is so cute and now I don’t have to live in fear of dropping (and breaking) my Canon Powershot.

3. My friend, Robyn, made me an bookmark out of a ribbon with six beads on one end to represent Richard, myself, and the children. On the other end there are nine beads to represent our lost babies. So sweet!

Thank you friends – you are the best!

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  1. jessica

    I need to come take a picture of that strap, just for my shop files. I can’t believe I didn’t snap one before!


    • tracy

      Anytime…or we could get food and go photo shooting somewhere pretty!

  2. jessica

    Oooh, lets!!!