g is for googol

Nov 18, 2009


I found another math book I love and have to share it with you! G is For Googol by David Schwartz is an alphabet book with each letter standing for a mathematical concept. The concepts are all explained thoroughly and hilariously. It is sure to draw in math lovers and math haters. Blythe started it last night and was giggling on every page.

An example of its humor:

“I am sure you are wondering how to write 2 billion with exponents. If you aren’t wondering, start wondering now!”

We are going to have a delightful time going through this book together and separately.


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  1. My daughter loves this book. She checks it out every few months. Math books are her favorite. She knows exactly where in the library they are and heads there first. I go through them with her sometimes but mostly she just reads them whenever.

    • tracy

      Welcome Seastar! Do you have any other math favorites you could share with me?