then sings my soul

Nov 13, 2009

Then sings my soul, My Savior God to thee, How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

This morning I was pretty nervous about driving on the roads with my bald tires. I thought they would be slick after the dusting of snow and the freezing temperatures we had overnight. I worried about it all morning wondering how early we needed to leave for gym in order to drive ssssllllloooowwwwllllyyy. Things turned out okay and the roads weren’t too bad, but the worry stayed with me. I know slick roads are coming and coming soon – sooner than I can earn money for new tires. Have you priced out suburban tires? They are ridiculously expensive.

In steps God and one of His angels.

As we were finishing up dinner tonight, a knock at the door sounded. This angel of kindness donated very generously to our tire fund. I started bawling and could not stop. The shock of people helping us is so overwhelming.

I truly don’t get it. We have made LOTS of mistakes financially. We haven’t always been wise stewards. We still make mistakes…and yet, somehow, God keeps prompting people to bless us with their love, their food, and their money. I feel so undeserving, so awed at the amount of help we have been given.

I have learned through this 2 1/2 year period of unemployment and underemployment that people are good. Just plain good. People are generous and self-sacrificing and are willing to help more than I ever imagined. We can’t be the only family receiving such kindnesses from their neighbors, so I know this is going on everywhere. People have hearts of gold and for some reason, they keep choosing to bless us with that gold.

Thank you to ALL who have helped us. We love you more than we can express. So many times some one has stepped in when my heart was ready to break from hopelessness and despair. So many times a hug has been given just in time to keep me trusting in God above. So many times a check or a gift card or a box of food has come just when we needed it. So many times, in so many ways, we have been taught that God is there. He is real. He knows. Yes, He knows exactly what is needed and He has a whole army of His children here on earth acting as angels, helping him to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the afflicted. He knows. He loves. He wants us to learn to love as He does. And so, He teaches us how He loves by loving us.

And to the tire angel? Thank you for this amazing gift and hopefully we will get tires tomorrow! Thank you for giving of your substance to our family and please know you have given us a miracle.

Now, since I can’t see the screen through my tears, I will go curl up with Becky’s book and try to dry out my eyes.

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  1. Anne

    I keep expecting you to completely fall apart with all that is going on right now. But somehow, for some reason, you have been surrounded with the kind of supportive and loving community of friends who continue to bless your lives with spiritual promptings or just plain goodness. I don’t pretend to understand! I would be in a mental institution by now! The phrase “God doesn’t give us more hardship, more heartache than we can handle,” keeps coming to mind. Press forward, dear. This too shall pass!

  2. Anne

    Come to think of it, why ARE there people in mental institutions if He only gives us what we can handle?

  3. Anne

    I don’t have a lot this month, but if you need some more money for your tires I could let you put $100.00 on my charge card. I’d rather you get better tires, if this will make a difference. And stop ignoring me. I want to help!


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