thankful thursdays 1/28

Jan 28, 2010

* Garlic-kale-chicken-yumminess. My friend brought over some scrumptious, kill-the-kidney-infection soup today and I am in heaven. It is so delicious! She also brought over some muffins full of blueberry goodness which we are all loving. I will get the recipes from her and share them with you so you can beat your next kidney infection too.

I am utterly amazed that my pregnant friend with eight children of her own would take the time to make me food – what an angel! Thanks Tasha!
* Music. We have had a great morning playing the cello, violin, and piano. I love music and someday I WILL pass off Happy Farmer from my book one cello book!

My friend, Melissa, says she has a new cleaning ritual for her family. They turn on twenty-minute Ode to Joy and clean as fast as they can. Twenty minutes later they are full of joy because their work is done and they have listened to beautiful music.
* The sun is shining after days and days of dreariness.
* My suburban keeps starting! The distributor and cap and rotor ARE broken and need replaced, but it has started all week long. Woohoo!
* Annesley is the most precious baby ever. I am so in love with her. We just took a bath together and it was so much fun. She was trying to wear Blythe’s snorkel gear, which didn’t work because the face mask is way to big for her. Then she tried Fisher’s goggles and they were also big, but at least they stayed on and she was able to feel like a big girl and try to see underwater. She brings many smiles to my face everyday and I am so grateful I am her mama. She has fully adopted the nickname Blythe gave her when she was born and now insists on calling herself by it as well…”Goo.” It has to grow on you.
* My elbow is still tender, but is healing quickly.
Thanks for all the hugs, concern, and prayers last week…and thanks especially to Tasha for today’s yummy food!

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  1. Anne

    Well, I thought “Goo” always sort of stood for “Girl.” That always makes me feel better about the name. It’s the Goo Head that cracks me up! Even Richard calls her that on occasion. But it’s a term of endearment.