book bonanza – under the chinaberry tree

Jan 25, 2010

Under the Chinaberry Tree

Ohhhh, what a delight this book is! I could snuggle up with it and read and read and read. In fact, I have been doing just that.

This book is chock-full of reviews of children’s books, parenting tips, recipes, experiences from the authors’ lives, and simple quaintness.

It is a treasure trove of ideas of wonderful books you will want to share with your children. I have a whole list of them on hold at my local library and can’t wait to discover them with my little ones.

The authors’ focus is on books that speak to the soul of a child, are beautifully illustrated, send messages of family, hope, love, service, connectedness, how to be human, and a delight to read again and again. Many of the books that are reviewed we already have on our bookshelves, but there are hundreds more we will now be checking out on our weekly library visits. We will post our favorite here…but don’t wait for us, get this book today so you can have it at your fingertips.

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  1. Hey you! Long time no comment! I really want to see this book! I looked for it at the ifpl and nope! Where did you find it? Your still amazing! I love your blog!`

  2. Education is a very essential part of each and every child’s life, but I actually do believe public school presents young children skills as well as life lessons that the private or even homeschooling merely is unable to help them learn. Getting together with other human beings their particular age and things such as that is very important to each and every younger child.

    • tracy

      Of course public school presents experiences that can’t be duplicated at home, just as home presents opportunities that can’t be duplicated at school. Both have their advantages and each family gets to decide which advantages they want for their family. I disagree that getting together with other human beings of their same age is important to each and every younger child. It is also not true that children who are home schooled are not with children of their same age. We interact with other families on a regular basis and treasure those associations.

      Blessings to you!