Jan 25, 2010

My heart is aching for those in Haiti. My family just watched this video and are going to be making receiving blankets and sending our meager donation to help those who are suffering. I encourage you all to do the same.

Help Haiti


If we each do something it will add up to something big.

All my tears aren’t going to do anyone much good, so instead I will sew some blankets and send some money and say some prayers and hope that we can be God’s hands to work a miracle for this poor country.

If you want to give to my church, 100% of your money will be used to help the Haitians. Our humanitarian services is run by well-trained volunteers who know how to get supplies and help to those in need, not through corrupt channels that end up taking supplies before they are used to help the ones who are suffering most.


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  1. Anne

    i heard this on Sunday. The Church is asking members to make contributions through them.


    • tracy

      Yes, this video puts the First Presidency’s plea to music and pictures and then gives the website to give to at the end.


      100% goes to the relief efforts.

  2. Kari

    This morning I asked Heavenly Father how He would best like me to spend my time today. He just answered me with your post. Thank you for sharing this Tracy.

  3. Sally

    Wonderful! I’ve never made a blanket. Do you have a tutorial, or do you fly by the seat of your pants? I’m guessing they’re not too hard, and I want to try making some for humanitarian aid. Nice post!

    • tracy

      Just sew two pieces of fabric together, leave a hole, turn it right side out and finish sewing the hole up. Then sew a square or an x across the middle to keep the two pieces from shifting around. Easy peasy!

  4. Sally

    ha ha! that’s exactly what i had in mind! thanks.