thankful thursdays 1/21

Jan 21, 2010

Rough week. Really rough week.

Sprained and dislocated elbow.

Broken suburban.

Abscessed tooth.

Yucky, stinky pus coming out of my gum.

Root Canal under duress.

$1000 bill for root canal.

Sore mouth.

Anesthesia yuckiness.

Starting my period today during a book party when I was completely unprepared for it.


Lots of time away from my children.


Piles of laundry.

And yet? I am still going to write my Thankful Thursdays. I need to write Thankful Thursdays to help me remember that it is not as bad as it sometimes seems. As I was saying my prayers last night, my mind filled up with things I am thankful for in spite of the terribly hectic, painful, and frustrating week I have had.

* A skilled dentist that was able to do a root canal and seemingly do it well.
* Friends I could consult with about my tooth and get lots of advice about who to go to and what to expect.
* A friend who zoned my feet right after the root canal to help my body recover.
* Another friend who let me borrow her suburban all day today so I could get some much needed work done.
* Another friend who took over my job of driving youth to colloquia today.
* My sweet baby who has coped well with me being gone or out of it for most of this week.
* My new class that is starting on Saturday is going to be wonderful! I am so excited to start a new year of teaching classes, joining with women in learning, and studying gobs of books to prepare me.
* The sunshine on Tuesday. It was so glorious to have a day of blue sky and sun streaming through the windows. It helped the pain in my mouth decrease by leaps and bounds.
* My mother, who made my whole week on Monday when she said she thought families like ours should have as many children as we possibly can. Those words offered me so much encouragement and made me feel like I had my own personal cheerleader rooting for me. Never underestimate the power to build someone up with your words.

In spite of the really frustrating moments in this week, I realize the blessings in my life are abundant. God has surrounded me with people that love me and reach out to help when I am struggling.

My mouth is feeling much better, my elbow is healing, and my children survived my long absences.

Saturday is H.O.P.E. and it will be fabulous for my soul.

With some good sleep tonight I will be doing oodles better.

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  1. Becky

    I had no idea it had been such a rough week. You poor thing! I hope you slept good and I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug! Take care (if you can!)!

  2. Robyn

    Oh, I have had a few root canals. I am so sorry!

  3. jessica

    Oh honey. Let’s escape to Driggs for some yummy food, shall we?

    • tracy

      YES!!!! I’m all for Miso Hungry anyday! Let me know whenever you are up to it!

  4. I’m so sad I didn’t know and didn’t call. you could have used my foot boot.

  5. jessica

    Hey, I just got your phone message – I’m so sorry I missed you today.
    As soon as I can eat semi-normally again we’ll go!