another one bites the dust

Feb 23, 2010

Another car that is.

Richard was in an accident tonight when a truck pulled out in front of him and Richard T-boned right into and under him.

At first I was worried about him – is he okay, what do I need to do, is he really okay?

Then I was worried about our car situation. Our 15 year old Lumina (yes, Becky, your car has finally ended its long sojourn here and is totalled..such a good car that has served us so well these last few years!) isn’t going to bring any big check from the insurance company and so we won’t be able to replace it. So, I guess we will be a one car family now…uuurrrgggghhhh!

Now I have all the children to bed and have bathed him, rubbed him down with PanAway, Valor, Peppermint, Lavender, Cedarwood, and Release oils and have him in bed for the night. Now I get to think. Now I am filled with gratitude.

My husband is alive, in our bed, and able to keep on keeping on. He is sore, his knees are swollen, he feels achy, and I’m sure he will be miserable for a few days…but he is here. He gave me a kiss tonight and as his lips caressed mine I realized something. He could be gone

You see, this is the exact same type of accident my friend’s husband was in last June. He is still here too, but he lost his right leg, spent months in the hospital, had numerous surgeries, and is still recovering.

So tonight, I am grateful that the love of my life is still here, still in my earthly life. I will go snuggle with him now…we both need it.

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  1. Becky

    Wow Tracy, that is scary. I am glad Richard is okay and that none of your little ones were with him. I wish we had another Lumina and Richard’s know-how to make it run :) !

  2. Robyn

    Oh, I hear ya! Our car a few months back. Well, I should say that there was this poor deer who jumped point blank in front of the car and both lost in the confrontation. I was so glad my hubbie came home okay too. But the car situation was a pain.

  3. Kari

    Holy Cow! Some friend I am. Here it is Sunday and I’m just reading this! Gary was wondering if there’s any way he can fix one of the cars in your yard for you. Is there anything we can do?

  4. Sally

    So glad your husband is okay! ReallY! That is terrifying just thinking about it.