blessing number 5 million and one

Feb 10, 2010

Do you have any idea how wonderful home schooling is?

Today we read all about Newton, learned a little about Korea and found it on the map, learned about shrews, read a chapter in Alice, and then Fisher and Annesley played with plastic bugs, the marble run, and Fisher taught Annesley her colors. Keziah went off to read the life of Pocahontas, and Blythe and I snuggled up with her legs on my lap and my feet underneath her to get warmed up and read Animal Farm. Imagine, a teenager and a mom reading Animal Farm together, discussing governmental forms, laughing at the silliness in the book, and enjoying each others company.

Novel idea in this day and age of teen angst, families not seeing each other much and many not even eating together. Novel in this time of over-scheduled lives, teen apathy, and people not knowing the difference between their unalienable rights and the whims of their lives.

Home schooling is hard…but it is worth every minute I put into it as well. Today was one of the reward days. One of the days when I look around at my children loving to learn, putting in the time it takes to get an education, and helping each other to do so.

I wouldn’t change these days with my children for anything. Learning together is a wonderful process, full of ups and downs and all-arounds, full of triumphs and trials, full of joys and heartaches – and it is worth it!

Absolutely worth it to hear my daughter teach the rest of her siblings about communism, agency, God’s plan for freedom, and how it is our duty to fight for freedom.

Off to Shakespeare…

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  1. Kari

    Great post Tracy!

  2. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! :) :) :)

  3. Almost, you make me a homeschooler. Almost. =) But who knows. Maybe in a few short years we’ll get to that in our home.

  4. tracy

    You’ll get there, my dear…you love books too much to not get there!