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Feb 1, 2010

Fisher and I went on a date today (a very fun date with lots of kisses from my cutie pie). We had to get him some new church shoes so he can stop being barefoot at church. We also needed to take care of some cell phone issues, get Blythe a headset for her Constitution class that starts tomorrow, and pick up my Usborne books that had been left at a party last week. We went to Once Upon a Child to find the shoes and lucked out with a shiny black pair in size 12 1/2 for $5.50. Bargain! While we were in that parking lot we decided to go over to Seagull Book to check out the new Young Womens theme song for this year. We were hoping to listen to it and see if Blythe would love it or not, but had no luck on that front.

The bargain table was a different story! They had a whole stack of Robert E. Wells book How Do You Know What Time It Is? in hardcover for $2.49! He is one of our favorite living math authors and this book is normally $15.99. I had to resist the urge to buy the whole stack! Instead, I am writing to you all to let you know you too can find this fabulous deal at Seagull Book. Also on the bargain table was a pile of The Peacegiver in the Deluxe boxed edition for $11.99. Lovely packaging, amazing book, life-changing information inside. Once again I resisted the urge to buy it because I already have it in hardcover and on audio, but I am sharing it with all of you so you can take advantage of it. Another bargain table product was Helping and Healing Our Families: Principles and Practices Inspired By The Family: A Proclamation To The World. This was 75% off and ended up being $9.99. I don’t have this book and have wanted it for a long time, but once again I resisted the urge to purchase it. I couldn’t however pass up the $1.49 Mary Engelbreit magnet set. I love Mary’s stuff and have been needing some more magnets, especially cute ones, so into my shopping bag they went.

So, if you have some excess funds, head over to Seagull Book and take advantage of some great prices.

*****The Peacegiver and Helping and Healing Our Families: Principles and Practices Inspired By The Family: A Proclamation To The World are LDS books, but I think they are full of wonderful insights for families of all faiths.

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  1. Those do sound like great deals, what a blessing!!!
    Where is this Seagull store? I may need to stop by and see what deals I can find.