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Feb 23, 2010

My lil’ sister came and transformed all of us with some new haircuts, waxing, and color. She is amazing! She did six haircuts, two waxes, two highlights, and ended up with a smile on her face at the end.

We tried to get before and after shots of everyone, but we forgot on Blythe and I and Logan’s is such a horrible shot I don’t think he would like it if I put it on here.

Annesley’s hair is extremely fine and flyaway and she looks like an orphaned child pretty much every day. Her hair doesn’t hold curl, barrettes, clips and ponytails don’t stay in, and it is a bird’s nest every morning when she wakes up…so we chopped it off. None of my children have ever had a haircut before the age of three. I like them to look like babies for as long as possible and there has never been a ton of hair to cut on my bald babies anyway…but Annesley’s hair has been driving me crazy for months, so I put my “rules” on the back burner and told Mikelle to give her an A-Line cut if at all possible with her wiggling and if not, just a straight bob.




In process:



In spite of Annesley’s bouncing, turning, dancing, singing, throwing her cape over top of her head, and all sorts of other nonsens, Mikelle created an adorable pixie cut. Annesley should be in a Peter Pan movie as Tinkerbell’s little sister. It is so stinkin’ cute!


I thought Fisher’s haircut was short last time, but this time Mikelle was determined to give him a missionary haircut. So, when I was distracted with other things she cut it WAY SHORT! It is really cute on him and it is going to be easy-peasy to take care of!



In Process:


All Done!


Keziah is growing her hair out, so she just got a little 1/2″ trim. Here is a pic of her cut in progress.

Pic coming soon…

Logan’s hair was pretty scraggly, which is just how he likes it. After his hair cut, it is still scraggly, but I think he looks great!


Blythe got some more layers put in to help her naturally curly hair have some more bounce and she got the leftovers of my highlighting goop to add some blond streaks. She also got her eyebrows waxed for the first time! She has always been beautiful and this latest makeover looks great on her.


Then there is me. I really dislike pictures of myself. I don’t photograph well and I hate the look of my crooked eyes, yellow teeth, and blotchy skin, but I am trying to own that this is what I look like and I need to be comfortable in my own skin…which I am…as long it isn’t in a photo! I love these A-Line cuts Mikelle is so good at giving me. It helps my enormously thick hair have a chance of not being as wide as a travel trailer and I think it looks pretty cute on me.


Richard is the only one who didn’t get a hair cut because he just got it cut two weeks ago.

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  1. You all look beautiful! Funny thing: I get a-line cuts to make my fine hair look fuller…. yes, the magic of the a-line! :)

  2. Anne

    Side view, too, please! You look great!

  3. Marie

    I could just pinch you for saying you have crooked eyes!! I love, love, love your eyes! When I saw you Saturday before last I was thinking to myself, “Does she have any idea how beautiful her eyes are?” Anyway, very cute hair. I really need a makeover which I will get in just a few weeks…tradition after a baby is born to make me feel human again. :)

  4. Anne

    Tracy, you know how special those eyes are! What are you talking about! If you only knew what we went through to get those for you . . .

  5. Kate

    Cute! These pictures reminded me that I need to come see you all again. I need baby hugs from darling Annesley, and I need to shake that little missionary’s hand.

  6. oh Tracy, Cute Cute!!! Your sweet Fisher looks like a different boy.

  7. Oh you all look so great!!!! I love love love your hair style!!!!