throw up – what is it about my lil’ ones?

Feb 3, 2010

My children throw up. A lot. It is their number one response to stress, illness, allergies, and perhaps, Wednesdays. We have leather furniture because of this sad state of affairs. Today, the one piece of non leather furniture got nailed.

Annesley has been throwing up all day. She covered me from head to toe twice. She covered the toilet once, the snuggler once, the carpet repeatedly, numerous towels, the bathroom floor twice, the kitchen floor once, the island once, and herself over and over. She wants to be held. By me. No one else will do.

I had a lot to get done today, instead, I spent the day holding her and working on my mom’s new website. After hours and hours of tweaking, she says she is happy with it. You can go check out her musings at She is a pretty funny lady and I think you will enjoy her thoughts on food, life, and family. She has been on a weight loss journey for several months now and I am pretty sure she is smaller than me now. She is looking fabulous!

Meanwhile, I will be here holding Annesley, having Blythe make dinner, and reading books to Fisher. I am looking forward to a long, deep sleep tonight.

Maybe a slow day holding a baby is just what I needed.

p.s. Now we have had poop added to the carpet, more throw up, and a chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland completed.

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  1. oh no… I am sorry.. I am sick over here myself… hardly ever get sick…but have been down since Monday..kiss the kiddos for me.

  2. Becky

    Hugs to you, Annesley, & Tina! Hope all are recovered soon.