thankful thursdays 3/4

Mar 4, 2010

* This post is beautiful, in fact, it is more than beautiful; it is truth, hugs, peace, and hope all wrapped up together. I tell you Mamahooper speaks wisdom to my soul!

* This week I am grateful for Visiting Teaching (a program our church has for women to go and visit other women and bring them a message of Christ, love, smiles, and friendship. I haven’t been thrilled lately with when my partner needs to go because it is during our school time. I have resented it in some ways and have wanted to demand that the world values the time I need to give to my children…to no avail, of course. Anyway, I went out this morning and had a wonderful experience sharing God’s love with a sister who I have been visiting for years. I was prompted in what I should say to her and she said it was exactly what she needed to hear. She cried and cried and we really connected heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul. I will always treasure this visit and be grateful I was able to be God’s hands and voice to help this woman feel His love for her.
* The read-a-thon books are here and after a nine hour marathon session to get them sorted and bagged, they are ready to be picked up! Woo-hoo! Two different organizations will be getting 230 books between them!
* I am grateful for the patience my friends have been showing as car after car gets stuck on our road. Two people on Saturday and one today. What a muddy, slippery mess it is out there! But people keep coming to visit and we keep pushing them out. Blythe and I are getting to be experts at the whole thing!
* Tomorrow is my sweetie’s 40th birthday! I am so grateful to be his wife and to have the privilege of learning from him and growing with him. I am going to write a whole post about him, so I will stop for now.
* Richard’s dad was called to be the Bishop of his ward and we were blessed to be able to attend the meeting. I am grateful for this man who is humble, good, and downright true to the core. He raised Richard to be a fabulous husband and father. He loves our children. He builds awesome cars and airplanes. He is a great father-in-law. I am grateful to know him, to love him, and to be taught by him.
I need to go get everything ready for colloquia tonight – it is going to be fabulous! You can never go wrong with Great Expectations!

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  1. Sally

    I enjoyed that post, too. Sometimes I think, “I really need to read more blogs to get inspired! Then I remember that my scriptures are always there, waiting for me to pick them up. The Lord is such a huge part of my day and a constant reminder that I am doing something right. Thanks for being thankful!

  2. Anne

    Very Big Happy BIrthday Richard! We love you!

  3. Anne

    Hello! It’s Sunday!