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Apr 6, 2010

We made our fourth trip to Utah in as many weeks (this cannot continue!) for a spur of the moment trip to General Conference (a huge meeting of all the Mormons in the world and one of my favorite events of the year) and took two of the girls’ friends with us. We had a fabulous day together and it was indeed worth the hours of white knuckle driving through snow and ice to get there.

10. Eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory…again. I just can’t get enough of the spinach tortellini or the spaghetti with mizithra cheese…YUMMM. All the girls loved it as well. They got to sit on thrones while they ate and they acted out a whole queen-princess-handmaid thing…guess who was the guard. Yep, me.

9. Listening to the girls play find the egg for hours on the way home.

8. Listening to them write a story together on the way down.

7. Believing we wouldn’t get in and then seeing the relief on the girls’ faces when we did.

6. Seeing all the beautiful artwork in the Conference Center.

5. Julie B. Beck’s talk on women and personal revelation. Much to ponder there.

4. Boyd K. Packer’s talk on fathers and Priesthood power in the home.

3. Watching the girls watch the Prophet.

2. Hearing (and mouthing along with them while tears streamed down my face) the choir sing “How Firm a Foundation” with power, zeal, and humble trust in the Lord.

1. Singing “How Firm a Foundation” with all four girls on the way home. Belted out at the top our lungs, of course. You know I love this song, right? It has the power to lift me, restore me to a place of faith, and allow me to sing my great love for my Savior, to my Savior. When I sing it, I feel like He is listening, saying “Yes, my dear one, I will never leave you. I know you know this, now know it deeper, trust me, trust me, trust me.”

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  1. Sally

    Wonderful! My husband sings that song to our boys at night. I need to remember the words so I can sing along! I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip.