thankful thursdays 4/1

Apr 2, 2010

Yes, I am writing my Thankful Thursdays on Friday once again. It is kind of becoming a habit. Should I rename it????? No, I should be more diligent about actually getting it done on Thursday!

* I am so thankful for Passover – for the meaning, the Seder, the joining of friends and family, the rich history, and even for all the work. Something in all the preparation work teaches me the value of putting your all into those things that are truly meaningful. I am so thankful for the families that joined us – they helped make the night a huge success!
* Woo-hoo! We were just given the chance to go to General Conference (a gathering of our entire church) this weekend! Thanks Cami!
* Due to a kidney infection, I was able to spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. I don’t know what is going on with my kidneys, but they are in distress. I think this is my third infection this year…and my fourth in my whole life, so something is up for sure. While not really grateful for the pain, I am grateful for the sleep and reading time I was able to have because of it!
* I am grateful to be able to associate with the members of my colloquia group. We read a book each month and come together to discuss it one night a month. I have been so blessed by my associations and friendships with the 20 or so people who are involved. I gain huge insights, new perspectives, deeper understanding, and a renewed commitment to put in the time to really study. I am so grateful they put up with me, keep coming back, and bring their wonderful spirits into my home. We have such fun!
* Richard’s car died last week, but we figured out why. It had a dead coil. I guess running on three cylinders isn’t that effective. Now it is replaced and is running like a charm. We are going to try to take it to Conference since the suburban isn’t doing so hot.
* Hot showers! Aren’t they glorious!?! I mean, really, try to picture your life without the daily pleasure of a hot shower. I only got in one shower this week and I made sure it was steaming hot, nice and long, and full of soap suds.
* My sweetie got to go fishing today with some guys from our ward. I am so grateful they invited him and so grateful he was able to put in long hours at the beginning of the week so he could go today. If you don’t know, my Richard is an insane avid fisherman. If he didn’t have a family, he would probably be out on the rivers searching for trout six days of the week. Instead, he has highly curtailed his addiction to spend time with us. So I am really grateful he had this day to fish and do the guy-bonding-thing.
Time to get ready to leave in the morning!

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  1. Anne

    Tickets?!? You blessed soul! THis is the first conference in about six years I haven’t had tickets. Work!

    I love “Thursdays” even when they come on Friday!

  2. Robyn

    Hot shower, yes! As a missionary cold bucket showers were not my favorite. It felt like heaven to take a hot shower at home after that! The simple things are so wonderful!