thankful thursdays 4/15

Apr 15, 2010

I am on time this week…woohoo!

I have to say, I love my Thankful Thursdays posts. This weekly reflective process helps me to focus on the good things in life, the small things I might otherwise forget, the tender mercies of the Lord, the kindness of friends, the undeserved miracles, and the love I am surrounded with on a daily basis.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support and well-wishes. Thank you for your comments, they make my day and help me to know I am not writing to thin air.

* This week I am thankful for this blog. I am thankful to have a creative outlet that doesn’t require stitching, unpicking, painting, or drawing – I get to plunk out words and while they may not be perfect, they are so much better than my other creative endeavors! I am thankful to have a place to share my thoughts with the world and really grateful that sometimes they even bless the lives of my readers!
* Email. It is the niftiest thing! I am so grateful to be able to send thoughts to people in the middle of the night when I can’t very well call them up to chat. I love the number of phone calls it eliminates.
* Sunshine and blue skies. After weeks of snowy days, the sun is shining today and the snow in my front yard is almost all melted. Could it be true? Is winter really over?
* The words “I’m Sorry”. I have had to use them more times this week with my daughter than should be possible, but I am grateful to be able to tell her I am sorry and to start again. And again. And again. Truly, how many mistakes can one mama make?
* The mercy my husband extends to me which in turn teaches me how unmerciful I am to that same daughter and how I can be better. Parenthood is full of lessons that I need to help me be more like my Savior.
* After being on the waiting list for months, our homeschool group got 60 tickets for The Three Musketeers at Hale Centre Theatre!!! I am so excited to take a big group of youth to my favorite theatre!
* Sudoku puzzles. Have I mentioned before how much I love them. They help my brain settle down and feel like more than one neuron is firing up there. Richard gave me a great book of them for Christmas and I am down to the last few puzzles. I love doing one in the middle of the afternoon to remind myself I am a thinking human being and one right before bed to chase away all the chaotic thoughts running around in my head.
Time to go do some laundry…yes, the never ending laundry pile is calling. (Do I have it within me to pare down my kids’ clothes to 5 of everything? Think how much easier my life would be!)

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  1. Kate

    I am grateful for you.