thankful thursdays 4/8

Apr 11, 2010

Oh my, these belated Thankful Thursdays are really getting out of hand. Here it is late Sunday afternoon and this is the first time I have had a moment to even think of getting on here! Life has been quite busy here for days weeks months. It is definitely time for a 6-month-no, which is an evaluation of my needs, interests, time, abilities, callings, mission, health, family’s needs, and God’s needs and then an elimination of whatever I don’t need to be doing. That is the hard part. Cutting things out of my life is never easy for me, in fact, it is dang near impossible for my mind to conceive of not doing something. But, I need to ponder and pray and see what can go so that I can maintain regain my ability to think.

This day, this Sabbath day, my heart is full. I have much to be thankful for.

* My dear friends, Jennifer and Kat, just put on the Baby Spring Fling, sponsored by Birth Network, and it was a HUGE success. They had loads of pregnant moms come to get information about their birthing options, lots of vendors selling their wares, and many professionals sharing information about birth, parenting, and health. I am so proud of them – they are both exhausted and in recovery mode – but they can rest well knowing that they have accomplished much good, touched lives, and made a difference in the lives of birthing families. I am grateful for their vision, their friendship, and their love for me.
* My husband. Can I just say he is an amazing man. He loves me. He supports my dreams. He believes in me. He makes my projects his projects. Yesterday he came and helped me take down my two booths at the Baby Spring Fling and made numerous trips in and out of the school with loads of books, tables, and other miscellany. But you want to know what I am most thankful for this week? His thoughtfulness. My suburban door on the driver’s side doesn’t open from the inside. It is not the hugest deal to unroll the window and open it from the outside, but it is getting a little old. If he is home when I pull in, he often comes outside and opens my door for me. Yes, he may be in the middle of doing something, even something important to him, but he takes the time to open my door, give me a kiss, and welcome me home. It warms my heart to be so treasured by another human being. I know I am important to him by how he treats me every single day.
* My mom spent the week here and it was wonderful! She always takes me children out for fun little outings and this week there were Frosty’s, movies, craft store runs, and Great Harvest. She let me use her vehicle all week since my Suburban was in the shop and I broke the rental car. She played games, read books, told stories, changed diapers, and entertained children while I was busy getting ready for the Spring Fling and she treated the girls and I to Alice in Wonderland (which to my great surprise, I loved!). Thanks mom – you are the best grandma ever!
* Richard let me sleep in this morning…all morning long. What a delightful surprise to sleep right through all the getting-ready-for-church stuff. All I had to do was wake up at the last minute, brush through my hair, touch up my makeup from yesterday, and walk out the door. Nice, very nice.
I am ready to go back to bed, so that is all for now. After a few days of focusing on the children and the house, I will be back here with some good reading…at least that is the plan!

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  1. Katherine

    Thanks for all your help with the Spring Fling. You made things SO much easier for us and did a fabulous job!