ya wanna know why i’m so nuts?

Apr 16, 2010

I was raised by this woman.

This post says all you ever need to know about why I am crazy.

Actually, as you probably know, I adore my mother. We talk between five and ten times a day. We laugh so hard we pee our pants. She is a fabulous grandma. She is brilliant, creative, funny, devoted, long-suffering, determined, hard working, and self-sacrificing. She is simply wonderful.

In spite of all that she is also quite bizarre…and so am I.

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1 Comment

  1. Anne

    Seriously? You’re blaming me for that? Kidding! You are everything to me . . . and more! I always believed you are what you are because you were somehow able to survive my lack of mothering and decided for yourself what you wanted and went after it. :] You did great! I’m in awe of you!