thankful thursdays 5/13

May 13, 2010

I have two weeks of things to be thankful for and there is so much that has happened in that time I just might run out of room!

* My cousin and dear friend came and visited me last week and we had such fun! We had a yummy dinner with friends, a sleepover for the moms, a skirt making day for the three little girlies, Teryn, Jane, and Annesley, a day at the park, ice cream birthday cake made by Tami and about six children as eager helpers, Thai food for birthday dinner, a massage, good conversations, and the wonderful peace that comes from having one of your bestest friends with you for days on end.

Yummy Birthday Cake…see the “T” and the “36” made with the oreos?

Birthday Cake

At the park:

Merry Go-Round

Holding my two cuties, Faith and Jace:

Faith and Jace
* Birthday presents galore!
*Samara, one of my little gym students, made me a pouch. It is perfect to hold lip gloss and lotion in my purse!

*Tami gave me a new bobbin holder and the cutest pins ever. What new project should I start with my new, sharp pins? Oh yeah, maybe I should finish the bathroom curtains?

*My mom gave me two pin cushions made with wool felt and emery sand to keep the pins sharp. Can I just say they are adorable and I love, love, love them to pieces! Sunflower Pin Cushion

Rose Pin Cushion

*Amy gave me a “Life is Good” bag! Have I mentioned my small obsession with all things “Life is Good?” I love their stuff and this bag is adorable! Bright pink and full of love. On the inside it has a secret message “The small things in life are the big things.” So true, isn’t it?

*Richard made me my favorite breakfast, Creamed Eggs…super yummy!!! Orange juice as well. What a fabulous way to start my birthday off right!

*Birthday cards from Becky and Grandma Bluemel
* For Mother’s Day, Richard fed me some more Creamed Eggs, let me sleep in, and gave me a gift certificate for a massage at a local day spa…can’t wait to redeem it…maybe on the last day of gym?
* I attended a birth this week and was again humbled to my core to be present when a new little soul entered this world. It is an honor to doula families through this process and to be invited into the sacred moments of their lives.
* I received another belated Christmas present…a big jar of yummy granola! My children ate most of it, but I was able to get some handfuls before it was all gone. Now I need Debbie’s recipe so I can make some more!
* Jennifer to the rescue again! She took care of my children while I was at the birth this week and even kept them extra long so I could come home and sleep after being up for nearly 36 hours.
* Blythe has been blessed with a wonderful Shakespeare class this year and is getting ready for their performances of Much Ado About Nothing next week. I am so thankful for the parents that have worked hard and given greatly of their time and talents to make this possible for the youth in our area. It has been an incredible experience for her and has truly changed her life to study Shakespeare’s writings, stage production, improv, costuming, and stage makeup. I am so excited for the youth to put this play on!
Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

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  1. Tami

    What a great time we had!! I was so glad to be able to come. Still so sorry to Fisher for having his room be a mess!

  2. Anne

    Love to read on Thursdays! It’s a great catalyst for introspection and I would do this myself but I’d be copying. I am always grateful for the same types of things and I’m also grateful that you are being blessed in so many ways! Love you!