thankful thursdays 6/24

Jun 24, 2010

* We have a new dog! Her name is Sadie and she is perfect for our family! She is a 6 year old black lab, she is calm, doesn’t jump or lick, has a gently personality, is soft with babies, is sleeping in our house in a pile with all my children…and the best part…she has been raised with chickens and doesn’t eat them!!!! We took her on a hike yesterday and she was delightful! Definitely a keeper!

Sadie at Cress Creek
* The sun has been shining some this past week and I am starting to believe summer may really come!
* My mom is home from Mexico! I tell you, a week without talking to her is like living in a desert without water. My poor Annesley has been beside herself without her grandma to talk to several times a day.
* Fatherhood. I am grateful for the men in my life and the good they do in this world in being husbands, daddies, and grandpas. They are critical to the success of the family and our nation. I am especially grateful for the father of our home who plays with our children, takes them on dates, teaches them how to fish, builds projects with them, listens to their stories, reads to them, snuggles them, gets up with them at night, deals with their throw-up, and always wants more babies to come to our home.

Richard, Fisher, Annesley, and Blythe at Kellie's Wedding
* Saturday is the Title of Liberty March!!! One of our favorite events of the year! Come and join us as we walk through Idaho Falls carrying 1,776 flags to post on Liberty Field. Line up is at 8 a.m. at Taylor Crossing.

Title of Liberty 2009
* Saturday is also the Children’s Parade in Rigby at 1:00. I love this parade because it is just kids riding their decorated bikes, wagons, horses, and dogs through town. Line up is at 12:30 at the Old County Courthouse. Tons of fun! Come and show your American Spirit!
* I am grateful for our hike this week. It felt so good to be out in nature with my children and some friends. I am really grateful my friend, Anne, was up for a totally spontaneous excursion. I called her and said “I am on my way to Cress Creek, wanna come?” She said “I’ll be there in a just a few minutes” and she was! We had a great time with her and Cedar. She is my outdoor hero. She is an amazing hiker, runner, skier, everything girl. She is also a bird expert and has taught me much about noticing and appreciating the birds of our area.

Girls at Cress Creek

Annesley and Cedar
* The lovely Jessica gave me a belated birthday present…a super cute bag and an oven mitt (you know I burn myself every time I cook, right?). I have been loving my new bag, it is the perfect size to carry a book, my commonplace and a set of pens to make notes. Thanks Jess!

Photo 77

Photo 84——————————————————————————————————————————–
My family will be here next week for Independence Day! I can’t wait to see them!!!

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  1. Anne

    So, so cute. All those kids in the water and their hiking shoes! Very cute bag and mitts, too! Love Annes!