thankful thursdays 7/15

Jul 15, 2010

* Today I am only going to write about one thing I am thankful for…life.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am grateful to be a wife to my Mr. Amazing. I am grateful to scratch his head, massage his aching back, listen to his dreams, and snuggle in his arms as we drift off to sleep. I am grateful to know him and to have the privilege of loving this man who is simply good. I am grateful to be able to bear his children and to stay home with them as their mama.

I am grateful to be able to watch my children growing up day after day. I am grateful to be able to do their laundry, wash their dishes, prepare their food, rub their feet, get slivers out of their toes, tickle their bellies, wipe away their tears, bathe their muddiness away, see the light of happiness in their eyes, listen to their padding feet, touch their soft cheeks, hear their words of apologies to one another, watch them zip up and down our road on their bikes, and hear their prayers each day.

I am grateful to have a body that can climb trees, wade streams, type letters, scrub floors, kill spiders, carry heavy loads, read books, give hugs, and smile at friends (and strangers!).

I am grateful to be on the earth with my family. To be here, growing and learning together.

I am grateful my body is not full of cancer or any other life-sucking disease that is taking the lives of so many dear people who are in the prime of their lives and have oodles of children depending on them.

Here is one family’s story of their wife and mother who just died of cancer on July 3rd as a 36-year-old mother of six.

Yes, I am thankful for life.

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  1. Robin

    Our next door neighbor just died two nights ago from cancer as well. We were close to him-especially Devin. I have thought about my health a lot, as well. I take it for granted and don’t always honor my body as I should. It’s good to be reminded of the gift of health and strength.

  2. Cami

    I was wondering how your dear friend was doing.I’m so sorry for your loss. I have to agree that I am truly grateful to be healthy, I am amazed at the many things that have recently come into my life to improve my health and my families as well.
    I also have many blessings to be thankful for and YOU are one of them.

    • tracy

      Cami, this is not my friend Jane. This is someone I heard about online at cjane’s and nienie’s blogs.

      Thank you for your kind words…love you!!!