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Aug 24, 2010

I believe in an amazing God. A God that can create worlds, move mountains, walk on water, bring people back to life, and cure people of cancer. He can also heal hearts hardened by anger, sorrow, or abuse. He can give people a whole new perspective. He can change lives.

Not only can He.

He does.

He does those things and many more every single day.

I made a last minute decision to mentor a math class this fall and I need a specific, somewhat obscure math book for it. I am quickly running out of time to create this class. I found the book online and it is about $10-$15 on Amazon. On Friday, I got the prompting to go look at our local used book store for it. I looked at the three shelves of math books and the third book in on the top shelf was my book! For $3.99! I quickly scanned the rest of the books to see if their were any more amazing treasures. Nope. All the rest of the books were boring and dusty and far too technical for my taste. Just the one book, waiting right where I would find it, at a great price, in perfect condition.

God knew it was so.

And He sent me there.

Not because I couldn’t have ordered it off of Amazon. But because He chose to show His love for me. His intimate knowledge of me and the fact that I needed that book right now, not whenever it would come from Amazon. His compassion for me. His tender mercy.

He knows. He loves. He does.

He is.

I hope to always remember that.

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