thankful thursdays 8/26

Aug 26, 2010

* I am so thankful for Jane’s new home…her new life…which is going to have some of her burdens significantly lightened. I am thrilled at the love and generosity that has been shown to my dear friends.
* I was able to have a good long conversation with my friend Delinda. She has been through three deaths, a long battle with a bacterial infection that caused her to lose over 40 lbs., and is now 17 weeks pregnant with a miracle baby…all in the past eight months. It was so good to hug her, to look in her eyes and see her joy and her faith that God has been with her as she has walked this long road. In February I will be attending her birth, just as I have her previous four births.

Twelve years ago today, I attended the birth of their first child. It was a long, intense hospital birth full of prayers, love, and ultimate triumph. It was my first hospital birth as a doula and completely changed my life and the life of my family. I am so blessed to know this family and to have been attending their births for the past twelve years.

Happy Birthday Amaya!
* Tomorrow is H.O.P.E.! I get to sit with an amazing group of women and discuss how to make math come alive in our homes. I love these women! They bless me, teach me, and love me.
* Quick UPS deliveries. It is a wonder, don’t you think, how quickly we can order something off the internet and in just a few short days have it brought right to our front door. I have decided to teach a living math class this year for home schoolers and needed some supplies fast. We got our magnets, pattern blocks, geoboards, mathematician books, and 1″ cubes today. Next week we will get our logic puzzles, pentominoes, Build-It cubes, and some more books! Classes start Wednesday!
* My friend Jana. She is an amazing woman of vision, stability, faith, and love. She has created an exciting organization for home schoolers in our area and has spent HOURS doing it. I am grateful to know her and to be blessed by her. Her heart is huge! Last year she played a pivotal role in Blythe’s development as a Shakespearian and this year she will be mentoring Keziah in a hands-on learning adventure. What a woman!
* My dear Richard. He is the rock of our family and works so hard for us. On Monday he will start working about 75 hours a week, six days a week. He comes home exhausted, but still willing to read a story to Annesley, help Fisher work on casting his fishing pole, or listen to Blythe and Keziah. He wakes up early in the morning, he drives a car that is MUCH louder than a motorcycle and is pretty much driving him insane, he calls and asks if there is anything I need him to do, he encourages me, and most of all, he loves.

He holds me in a way that reaches my inner soul and makes me feel safe and warm and protected and nurtured and completely at peace. He looks at me with a softness I didn’t know was possible. He does this funny thing with his eyebrows that lets me know he thinks I am the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on. He is an excellent kisser…oh, yes, this man who has never kissed another woman in his life, knows just how to kiss me.

This weekend, he is taking all of the children fishing while I go down to Logan to visit my sister.

I love this man. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.


Fisher is waiting for me to read Paddy the Beaver to him…see you later!

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  1. jessica

    Send me the math class info if you think it’d be a good match for one of my kids!

  2. tracy

    Sorry, but the class is full! I would have loved to have your boys in it though!

  3. jessica

    ah well

  4. Robyn

    Congratulations to Delinda! Send her my love!