yes, i love my ward

Aug 15, 2010

First Sunday back to my ward (local congregation of my church) after missing it for three weeks in a row and I fell in love all over again.

As I looked around me, I realized how much I love these people I gather with to worship with on a weekly basis. Some of them struggle with their faith, some struggle with obedience, some struggle with loving, some struggle with having patience, some struggle with their children, some struggle with making it through a three hour service. In short, we all struggle…and it is wonderful to struggle together! To have a ward family that supports, encourages, loves, rescues, and celebrates together. I was full of love for each of them…and I could feel their love for me. I could feel I had been missed and felt just how much I missed all of them.

A special friend who hasn’t been to church in over a year was there today. When I saw her, I had to leave my seat and go give her a huge hug. I was so happy for her and so proud of her for overcoming her fears and for coming to join us. I wanted to shout Hallelujah – and you know I did in my heart.

It was wonderful to be with my little five and six year olds and teach them a lesson about obedience and the happiness it brings. It was wonderful to see their smiles, get their hugs, and see their zest for life.

I know my ward will be divided soon and I am sad – I don’t want to lose any of these souls I have come to love.

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  1. Robin

    Our ward was just divided two weeks ago. New callings… Big changes… it’s an exciting time!