sacred sabbaths 9/12: singing in the sun

Sep 12, 2010

After an evening of being grumpy as heck and feeling ready to completely fall apart at any given moment, I was blessed with the loveliness of the Sabbath. Yesterday I felt like I wanted to claw someone. I wanted to scream and I was saying not very nice things to people I love. Now, I am feeling calm and settled and loved by my Savior.

The key? Sleeping in today cuddled in my sweet one’s arms. Partaking of the sacrament and pondering my behavior and my heart. Teaching a lesson to my CTR 5 class. And the best part? Walking home from church in the bright sunshine, holding hands with Fisher and Annesley, and singing “Follow the Prophet,” “Pioneer Children,” “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Gethsemane,” and “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.”

Every time I walk home from church I think about being a little girl and walking home from my grandparent’s church with whatever cousins were also there visiting. I loved visiting their ward and felt as comfortable there as I did in my own ward because the people in their ward treated us like family. It is a wonderful thing to worship with people who love you.

The Sabbath was just what I needed today. Just what I needed to put a smile on my face again. I think I will go read some more in The Hidden Christ, it is a book I love to savor on Sunday afternoons.

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  1. Anne

    Why so grumpy? I think you are stretching yourself too far! But where to cut back? Glad your day was healing!

  2. tracy

    Oh yes, I am definitely stretched way too far.

    Yesterday my period started…days early…which means my hormone levels are STILL out of whack. I am so tired of this. I want decent levels of estrogen and progesterone and to stop having such intense cramps.

    I was out of sync with myself and it came out loud and strong. Good thing my husband is so patient with me!