thankful thursdays – 9/30

Sep 30, 2010

Whoa Nellie, have we got a HUGE project going on over here. This afternoon I decided I needed to make some changes and make them in a huge way, so we are moving three children’s stuff, including beds, bookshelves, and hundreds of Hot Wheels to new arrangements. After stewing, worrying, and basically being completely defeated by our bedroom arrangements for months, months I tell you, I had a clear vision this morning of what I wanted to accomplish. After a picnic at the park, I dug in and started transforming bedrooms. Fisher’s was so filthy, I could not see the floor, so it was quite the task. His room is now nearly empty and we have moved Keziah’s bedroom furniture into it. She is now the proud owner of the largest bedroom in the house and has a roommate…the BIG girl, Annes. Tomorrow we need to finish cleaning her room so we can move Fisher in there. I have taken at least five big bags of garbage outside and will have MANY more tomorrow. Keziah’s possessions are about to be severely altered to a much more reasonable level.

Anyway, because of all this huffing and sweating, I need to find the nearest pillow and fall asleep. However, I can’t do that until I write down my gratitude for this week.

Does anyone need to ask what I am grateful for this week?

Easton Logan Hull.

Isn’t that adorable? Easton is my grandmother’s mother’s maiden name. Easton has been on our list of possible names for years, but I gladly give it up for this little cutie to have it.

My baby sister and her husband had their baby on Friday night and I was able to stay with them for a blessed three days and love on them all. Mikelle is adjusting to motherhood and is doing fabulous. I am so proud of her! I am in love with Easton and can’t wait to get down there to see him again.

Grateful he arrived safely.

Grateful for the family support they have had.

Grateful for her determination to breastfeed.

Grateful for the moments I had to look in her eyes and assure her she could push her baby out.

Grateful for Logan.

Grateful to share this birth with them.

Grateful to witness the miracle of birth with my baby girl…yes, even though she is my sister, she called me mommy for years when she was little.

Grateful for him and for Him. The gift and the giver.

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  1. Anne

    Two things: I can hardly keep myself from jumping in the car and heading back to Logan to cuddle Easton. And I think it’s nuts you are tackling another HUGE project. But more power to you super Mom!


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