thankful thursdays 9/9

Sep 9, 2010

* Today I am grateful to be a homeschooling mom. Grateful I get to spend my life mothering, learning with, and creating with my children. Right this minute Fisher is painting pictures of lizards from one of our gazillion animal books, Keziah is singing her heart out while she does her chores, Annesley is building with duplos, Blythe is at her Spanish class, and everyone got to study some Shakespeare this morning (everyone agrees that The Tempest is a very strange play). Everyone is happy and engaged in something they enjoy. Everyone is getting along. Everyone is smiling. I was able to spend my morning reading Mockingjay and my children all found things to study to give me time to curl up with a great book. This is the life, I tell you.

Here are some photos of our fun with pattern blocks and our recent Homeschool Day at Lava Hot Springs.




Blythe, Katherine, and Madison


Gathering pine cones for a small war


Pretending to aim at me…of course, they would never follow through with those throws because they know I would tackle them all!

* I am grateful for good friends that love me, hug me, laugh with me, tell me my hair looks good in this new dark coppery shade, and share their lives with me. I am SO blessed to have wonderful friends.
* Yesterday during my Math Alive! class, my friend, Sherry, let Annesley sit on her lap and rub her arm, put her hand up her sleeve, and generally snuggle on her. Annesley LOVES to rub people’s skin, mine especially, but when she can’t have it, I am grateful someone allowed her to to rub them. Thanks Sherry!
* I am grateful for sunshine! The last two days have been raining and I even heard a rumor that it snowed yesterday and dreary weather always reminds me how glorious the sun is. How good our Creator is who gives us sunshine to keep us warm inside and out.
* I am grateful for yummy food cooked by someone else. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I get to have meals made for our family in trade for gymnastics lessons. Yippee! I don’t have to cook!

Life-changing…everyone should try it!
* I am grateful for the birds I hear singing out my bedroom window almost every morning. They weren’t singing today because of the rain and I missed them. Isn’t it funny how we often don’t appreciate something until it is gone?


* I love my Miss Annesley. She and I have this game we play when she wakes up. I ask her where she needs a kiss and she still pretends to be asleep by not moving and not opening her eyes while she sucks on her thumb. With a little move of her finger she points to somewhere on her face that she wants me to kiss her. We do this again and again until her whole face is kissed and she finally opens her eyes and admits she is ready to greet the day. Then we do it with her kissing me right where I tell her I need kisses. She is so precious….I want to eat her up!


Off to pick up Blythe from Spanish!

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  1. I love the little game you play with Annesley!:) I think I might have to try that:)