triathlon number four

Sep 11, 2010

Keziah is in love with triathlons. She ran her first one last September, then did a freezing cold one in March, then one in July, and now another one today. She is getting better each time and today it really seemed like it was a walk in the park for her.

The water in the open lake was pretty darn cold. Even the kids and adults in the fancy-schmancy wet suits thought it was cold, so I know it must have been quite frigid. When she was drying off and hurriedly putting her shoes on, I was trying to get her to move faster and she completely stopped what she was doing and said “Mom, I am FREEZING. The water was FREEZING!” In a few seconds she pulled herself back together, hopped on her bike, and sped away. Since she is usually so independent, capable, and ultra-responsible, I sometimes forget she is a little nine-year-old that sometimes needs comfort and nurturing, and that of course she was freezing.

In her first triathlon, her running seemed strained, but today she flew down the path and didn’t seem winded at all. She finished strong!

It is super fun to watch her race and since this seems to be a passion for her, I just may need to get her some better gear!

Getting ready to swim


In the water


Getting out of the water and headed for her bike


Finishing her bike race


Running strong




Moments after she finished…notice she is not huffing and puffing like I would be!


Way to go, Keziah!

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  1. Anne

    Keziah, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you HOW amazing. You are one in a million-zillion! How do you DO that? My goodness I don’t know where you get the energy, the determination, the self-motivation and the strength to do a triathlon. Much less, FOUR OF THEM! Super woman! I adore you!

  2. That is SO incredible! I did one little bitty triathlon once and decided that I’d just stick with running. :) Great job, Keziah!

    • tracy

      Running?????? Yeah, running KILLS me. You are doing a marathon…you are absolutely AWESOME! When I read about your daily runs I nearly fall over dead. Give me a bike any day!

      But, yes, Kez is awesome as well.

  3. Sha Nielson

    Tracy, saw your guest post on Apron Girls, great thoughts. But what really stuck out to me is that you are a doula. I am 8 weeks away from giving birth and have been thinking about taking the natural route this time, but have had a hard time finding some books and info. What do you suggest? I am not 100% commited to this because of my lack of preparation. I feel like without it, it won’t be possible. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated. My emai is Thanks, Sha Nielson