book bonanza – the edison trait

Oct 12, 2010

I have been reading The Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming Child by Lucy Jo Palladino the last few weeks and instead of devouring it, I have let the ideas ruminate around in my head and settle in my heart.

Having had 3+ weeks to think about this book, I now want to shout it from the rooftop – READ THIS BOOK!

This book has helped me learn about divergent and convergent thinking, two different approaches to gathering, processing, and sharing information. I swear the author must have lived in my house and watched my children on a daily basis in order to write this book. It is that close to my reality.

This book has given me words to understand Blythe most especially, but all of us in one way or another. The author has helped me see the greatness in my daughter’s approach to life and how to nurture that in her. I have an amazing daughter. Truly. She can see what I can’t even imagine. She has been entrusted to me to help her find her way and it is impossible for me to do that without understanding her.

This book has made me infinitely grateful that I listened and obeyed the prompting to homeschool her. There were numerous examples of children who have had their spirits crushed out of them by being in a conveyor-belt system that does not have the time or the patience to deal with a creative, dreaming child.

This book helped me learn some techniques I can use with her at home to help her learn convergent thinking in an emotionally safe way.

This book helped me value divergent thinking and to really understand the differences in the two approaches to life.

This book has already changed the way I view the world. I am hoping the change in my heart is a permanent one.

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  1. Cami

    I’ve been pondering lately some of the things my dad has taught me. Perseverance is one of those skills that helps me keep searching, pondering and pleading with my Heavenly Father to guide and help me find those things that can help my children become their best selves and accomplish their own missions. Maybe this book will help me with that!

  2. Tasha

    I bought the book, and I’m reading it. It is so full of wonderful parenting ideas! Thanks for the suggestion.

    By the way, the book has been retitled. I think the original title was better, but the new one is “Dreamers, Discoverers, & Dynamos: How to help the child who is bright, bored, and having problems in school.” It is available on

  3. tracy

    I saw that there is a new edition out, I just didn’t know if they were the same book or not…there is another author added now, right?

    Glad you are enjoying it!