we need each other

Oct 25, 2010

I have come to the conclusion in my life that women need women. Connecting with other women fills a need in our soul, at least it does in mine.

I was pondering what it would be like to be one of the thousands of women who crossed this country in the 1800’s with her husband and children and often settled in some desolate place to eek a living out of the soil. Many of those women were miles from their nearest neighbor and would only see one another on a yearly trip to town. Can you imagine? Really think about it. Think about how empty your life would be if you worked from sun-up to sun-down without ever hearing another woman’s laughter, feeling her arms wrap around you, or look in your eyes and give you strength to go on.

I don’t think I could do it.

I need women in my life. I need to have friends to share my thoughts with, give my heart to, and grow in strength together. I need women to smile at me. I need to listen and serve and love and touch. I need to know I am not alone.

I grew up calling my grandmother for just about everything. Measurements, cooking times, recipes, relationship advice, sewing help, scrabble words, math problem help, and tons more. She was amazing at knowing the answers to every problem under the sun, but that wasn’t really why I called.

I called to connect.

I called to hear her voice and feel her love and learn her wisdom.

We all need that.

I am so grateful for my large circle of friends. My mothering journey would be far different without them.

Women need women, which is one reason why Kat and I are doing Make It For Maggie. We could have made skirts and sold them, we could have made bread, we could have done a million other things to earn money for Maggie’s Month, but we decided we wanted to bring women together and help nurture souls while we raise funds together.

I am so grateful for YOUR presence in my life…thank you, each of you, who write to me and share your thoughts. You help me be a better mother, a truer woman, and a wiser friend.

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  1. Jenny Hanson

    I once read that woman have really been cheated by indoor plumbing because we no longer meet at the well. I like my indoor plumbing but sure wish we still had such a solid time.
    I need you Tracy. You are a marvel and a wonder and forever inspiring.

  2. tracy

    I would love a daily walk to the well with my sisters. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see all your neighbors each afternoon?

    Jenny, I wish you lived right here. Right next door. It would bless my life immensely!

  3. LaPriel

    This reminds me of the poor woman that Laura Ingalls stays with while she teaches school during the winter. So sad. That woman had the signs of post partum depression and SAD with no one around to help her out. This spoke to me and I felt so much empathy for her. No one should have to face such hard things alone. Thanks for sharing!