which side are you on?

Oct 6, 2010

Today I share with you the moving story of Gianna, an abortion survivor. Watch and weep and rejoice and remember and let the fire of truth be lit in your soul.

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  1. Charlene

    I just watched her the other day, isn’t she amazing! Her story is truly moving, and she is an inspiration.

  2. Jenny

    This is so powerful. I have seen it many times and cry and rejoice for her each time. I am so grateful for her courage.

  3. Kari

    Roe v. Wade occurred in January 1973 making abortion legal in the United States. I was conceived in February 1972 which meant that it was much more difficult for my mother to get an abortion. She had to travel to another state to find someone to do it. Fortunately for me, while en route, she stopped to visit a relative who convinced (begged) her not to abort but to give me to her for adoption. Had Roe v. Wade happened just one year earlier, I most likely wouldn’t be writing this today. Thanks for sharing this video! I am always inspired by these amazing warriors for Life!