book bonanza – my father’s dragon

Nov 12, 2010

This week our family read-aloud has been My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett. It is a short read and we finished it last night. I can’t even tell you how fun it it to finish a book quickly after the long-drawn out nightmare reading of Around the World in Eighty Days.

My Father's Dragon

Fisher especially loved this book, but so did everyone else. It is a delightful story of imagination, foresight, ingenuity, and a hero’s victory. Here in our home we have a papa who wanted to fly more than anything and nearly died trying to figure out how he could fly…jumping off of roofs, out of swings, etc…and all of our children know the crazy stories from his childhood, so this story about a boy who longed to fly was endearing to all of us.

I am so grateful for family read-aloud time. I can’t imagine our home without it. Yes, some nights are crazy, but most of the time, we leave our reading time happier, calmer, more contented, and kinder than we were when we started. Last night the girls were all wrapped up in blankets and snuggled up around Sadie as they listened to me read. As Blythe grows up, our family read-aloud time has become ever more precious to me. I realize she won’t be here all that much longer for me to read to her, nor will she be here adding her fabulous thoughts to our discussions.

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  1. Kate

    We love this book! It was one if the first chapter books we all read after we learned to read.