for katie

Nov 20, 2010

so final it seems
No more of her hugs
No more mommy-made dinners
No more special Easter dresses
stitched up by her hand

It’s true
those things will end

But what will begin?
What faith will grow?
What help will be given by an army of angels?
What will she do for her family from the other side?

We do not know,
we cannot say

Only that she is safe and pain-free
Her love for you continues
Her love will never end
Her watchful care is real
She waits to hold you all again
And with the life she led, her faith lives on.

is fleeting,
not forever

If we could only understand.

Katie Hansen, young mother of six, passed away this week after fighting the good fight, faithful to the end, and blessing those of us who knew her with her love, her optimism, her humor, and her testimony of Jesus Christ.

Goodbye Katie, we will see you soon.

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  1. Reading and crying. My prayers are with her family.