ouchie for annes

Nov 20, 2010

Annes, the ever curious and ever delightful girl has been into mischief tonight. First, she got into the balloon bag and took MANY balloons and has hid them all over the house. Then she shut herself in the bathroom and filled up the balloons with water. She also rubbed water and toilet paper all over the mirrors, got my favorite crafty pillow soaking wet, and covered the counter with water.

None of these things had any natural consequences to speak of. She lost the opportunity to have balloons, she lost the privilege to use the bathroom by herself, but both of those things are mom-imposed consequences, not natural ones.

Next, she learned a painful lesson chock full of natural consequences. A lesson I wish she didn’t have to learn the hard way. Miss Annes covered her face with peppermint oil. I found her screaming “my eyes, my eyes!” at the top of her lungs and quickly figured out what happened when I saw the oil lid perched nearby with no sign of the oil bottle. I called for Richard and covered her face with olive oil. Then I called Cami and she recommended Aloe Vera and Lavender, so we tried that too. After her screaming stopped, she lay silent with her eyes closed tight and her legs bicycling through the air. She seemed to be in shock so I bundled her in my arms and talked to her quietly. She responded to what I said, asked for some water, and then asked to call her grandma and Kat.

It seems as if her eyesight is just fine. Vision was what I was most concerned with.

I am hoping the redness goes away soon.

Poor girl.

I am really hoping the huge natural consequence she suffered with will teach her not to ever, ever, ever play with mama’s oils again.

p.s. And to think – she didn’t even have Jain (her usual partner in crime) with her this time to conspire with.

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  1. Anne

    Oh dear! So sorry Annes for having burny stuff in your pretty eyes. I hope you feel better!