parenting 101…failed

Nov 29, 2010

Cardinal rules of parenting:

1. Calm voice

2. Empathy for child

3. Let natural consequences teach

4. Deal with specific incident…don’t make it a global part of who they are.

5. Speak and act with love

Yep, failed them all today.

With every single child.

I will try to practice what I preach tomorrow.

Hope they still know I love them to pieces…not so sure though.

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  1. Anne

    Oh no. I’m sorry. What happened? Are you OK? Is everyone else OK? You are a great parent. So much better than what I ever knew how to do. I know that doesn’t help much when you think of it!

    • tracy

      Everyone is fine…I was short-tempered, judgmental, impatient, curt, non-supportive…lots of little mistakes and a few big ones…made for an unhappy day for everyone.

  2. Anne

    Well, go read your Mary E. calendar. She has the best advice of anyone I know. And a bright outlook on almost everything. Also, please order it. I can’t find it for $12.98. I will make some dang cute stuff for you. Or email all your friends and see if they have an old one siting around. You DO, after all, have more friends than I can even count!

  3. Jenny

    Oops! Thought I was still on the ups and downs of mothering. By the way…you have such lucky lucky children!