thankful thursdays 11/11

Nov 11, 2010

So much to be thankful for today…so, so much.

* Make It For Maggie was fabulous! Thank you to everyone who helped in any way big or small. Days later I am still in awe of what a community of people can accomplish. I tell you, the human spirit is limitless. We can change the world!
* Last week when I got home from gym, the Lamoreaux family was in my home cleaning! They cleaned out my fridge, cleaned my laundry room, washed dishes, mowed my lawn, and who knows what else. What angels!!!! Every time I open my fridge I scream a little bit – it makes me so happy to see a spotless fridge. Thank you – you made my Friday a million times more peaceful!
* Sleeping. I have needed to get some sleep for quite a while and Monday I slept most of the day. It was heavenly to lay around, snuggled up with my little one, and drift in and out of sleep for hours on end.
* Keziah started violin lessons this afternoon! I am so excited for her to be in regular lessons again! Thanks Kate!

Anyone know of a great deal on a good full-size violin for Blythe?
Just ran outside to check on my charging-the-dead-suburban-job and now I have something brand new to be thankful for!

* Really, really grateful to have all ten fingers attached. I almost lost two of them just now while jumping the suburban. Instead I have a painful cut on the ring finger and a buffed smooth middle finger and a big reminder to be more careful when working on cars in the dark…meaning, don’t do it. Get a light, silly girl.
Well, I had lots more to type, but now that I am bleeding and not able to use two of my fingers, I will stop for the night.

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  1. Anne

    Oh my world!!!! Go get some bandages and cold water or ice. I’m sure the worst is yet to come!

  2. tracy

    Now that all the adrenaline has wore off, I am hurting pretty badly. We have put BF & C on the cut and arnica on the fingers, so I am hoping it feels much better by tomorrow so I can do gym smoothly.

    I don’t know where my brain goes sometimes. Reaching into a hot oven and pulling out the cookie sheets without hot pads is bad enough. Reaching into a running engine without a light is about a million times stupider.

    Is stupider a word? Or would you say more stupid?

    Oh well, off to finish reading “My Father’s Dragon” to my family and then I get to read myself to sleep with book two of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica.

  3. Anne

    Hope you are feeling a little better! I can’t believe you were able to do gym today!