thankful thursdays 11/18

Nov 18, 2010

I am so exhausted. I am going to try to be in bed by 7 o’clock. I have had two nights in a row where I hit the sack past midnight and long days to follow them, and I am done for. How tired? Well, I fell asleep this evening during Keziah’s violin lesson, on her teacher’s couch.

I want to remember the gratitude of this week, so I am going to force myself to stay up for a few more minutes and write it all out.

My sewing room is clean. I know you are all probably sick to death of hearing about it, but truly, I cannot express it enough. I cannot believe it is clean. It has not been clean in YEARS. It has been completely wasted space because none of us could even go in there without risking life or limb. It has been like a bedsore festering and eating away at my sanity for so long that the pain of it being gone has given me a whole new shot at life! Functioning life…you know, a life where I can find things. A life in which I can create. A life in which I can help my children create without losing my mind.

Thank you Jessica. Thank you so much for giving me your arms, your brain cells, your throw-that-away-and-don’t-look-back determination. Thank you for not judging me harshly for my enormous piles of clutter, for not thinking I am an absolute failure, and for your love of my inadequacies. You have given me a priceless gift. I cannot express how much it means to me.

Another friend came to my rescue today. Do you remember my bathroom project from about a year ago? In which I was going to make my bathroom Mary Engelbreit cute? I was all gung-ho and started on my curtains right away, then I got stumped on how to finish them and they have sat in a pile of myriads of other unfinished projects ever since. Today Kat finished them for me! They are all hung up and I think they are super cute! I still need to finish the other projects for that bathroom, but at least the curtains are in place and looking adorable! For the first time since we bought this home we have curtains in the bathroom!

My entire family is coming to visit. This is the first time my whole family will be at my home…or any of our other thirteen homes we have lived in. I still can’t quite believe it. It is such a miracle to me that my brother Cameron is coming clear from Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving with us. I am grateful to God for helping this whole thing come about.

Last night after searching at TJMaxx and Target for a long time, I went to Ross and walked right up to the one and only wooden food package in the whole store. I was headed to the back to the toy section and decided to veer left for some unknown reason and there it was right above my head. I then went to the toy section searching for other varieties, but no, there were no more to be found. I had set my heart on wooden food for Annesley’s birthday present next week and was pretty devastated when I couldn’t find it at any other stores. I KNOW I was guided to find it in the one place it would be.

I am falling asleep while I type this, so I am going to head to bed and try to get on top of my game for the headstand contest tomorrow! The record is held by Spencer Lamoreaux at 30 minutes and 30 seconds. I can’t imagine anyone beating that tomorrow, but who knows? These kids are tough!

p.s. I know you are dying for pictures of my super amazing sewing/craft/creativity room and my new bathroom curtain, but I am just too tired to take them, upload them, transfer them to flickr, and post them on here. You will have to wait for me to get some sleep and then you can satisfy your curiosity.

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  1. Anne

    Oh my gosh you have wonderful friends! That fourth paragraph up there made me cry! To have a friend who does not judge harshly is such a pearl of great price. I have to say I don’t have anyone I can put in that same category. Oh, lucky you. Blessed you! I’m excited to see it all next week! Thank you so very very much for having us all.

  2. Anne

    Everyone but Andie, actually. :[

  3. tracy

    Eeeekkk, I have thought she was coming this whole time…then you even told me the other day that she wasn’t coming and I promptly forgot about it and kept my dream alive of everyone being here!

  4. Anne

    You’re up early!

    • tracy

      Gym day…it nearly kills me every week to get up this early!

  5. Anne

    I love it! I was up at 3 again yesterday morning and I was sound asleep at 7 last night. I got NINE hours of sleep — waking up at 4 this morning.

    MORNINGS rock!

  6. jessica

    Anne – I don’t judge harshly because I am exactly the same way… Tracy has seen (and cleaned her way through) the underbelly of many a room (and toilet!) at my squaloresque house. It is truly a peace and comfort to me that she is just as chronically disorganized as I am. If she ever gets it together I’m going to have to disown her. Just kidding! I mean, make her teach me how it’s done!