thankful thursdays 11/4

Nov 4, 2010

Two more days until Make It For Maggie!!! Today my list is short, but I wanted to get these thoughts out of head and on to my screen so I can remember them in years to come.

* I am so grateful for my dear friend, Katherine, who has created Make It For Maggie with me. We have had so much fun putting this amazing event together. It is a tender blessing in my life to have such wonderful friends to work with in changing the world. Kat is supremely talented, hilarious, a great cook, and she loves me. What more could I ask for in a friend? She can also sew up a storm, create patterns from scratch, and answer my phone calls at midnight. Not only that, she nurtures my little ones each week during gym so I can focus on teaching. What a gem!
* Today I have been scrubbing my downstairs bathroom. It was filthy when we bought this house and it hasn’t ever completely recovered from the neglect it suffered from past owners, so it is pretty difficult to get it looking nice. Last night I bought a Magic Eraser for the first time and it has taken away spots I have been scrubbing for years. I usually like to use all-natural cleaners, but today I am grateful for modern cleaners that are able to make things look spic-n-span.
* I am incredibly grateful for my computer. Today I have a whole list of things I need to create for our Make It For Maggie event and my computer will make it relatively pain-free. What a wonderful invention these things are!
* My neighbor brought me over a box of beets today! Green smoothies will be red for awhile over at our house! Beets are great for detoxifying and I am currently on a mission to detoxify and help my body be able get healthier and more energetic…all in hopes of being able to carry a baby all the way to my arms.
* I am grateful for my colloquia group! We have been coming together to discuss and sharing great books for years and I am so thankful for my associations with the men and women who have joined with me on this journey of learning. Tonight we are discussing The Magician’s Nephew and I fell in love with it all over again – what a treasure trove of thoughts C.S. Lewis sparks in my head!
I am up to my eyeballs in Make It For Maggie stuff and cleaning so I have to run.

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  1. Anne

    I LOVE Thursdays! Just so I can read this. You’ve been so dang busy. I bet you’ll be really thankful for Sunday! See you tomorrow night.