another one bites the dust…yes, again

Dec 14, 2010

Richard was hit again. Yes, again.


His vehicles have been hit three times this year. Two times in the last week.

Two totalled vehicles later and we are wondering when drivers are going to figure out how to pay attention enough to not run into other cars.

Especially our cars.

We are incredibly grateful that our papa is doing well and isn’t hurt badly. We are grateful the other drivers are not hurt either. As we said our prayers today I kept thinking about our children’s many, many prayers for their papa and his safety as he drives to and from work each day. I kept thinking how those prayers have been answered once again and our papa was kept safe even though his car was smashed.

And while the gratitude is strong, boy, is it ever strong, the frustration at incompetent drivers and the headache of having to figure out how to get another car for him is ever present.

Our quota for being hit is filled, right? An owl and three vehicles hitting us in one year is enough to last all of us for the rest of our lives, I think!

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  1. Anne

    Well for crying out loud!

  2. Tasha

    I’m so sorry! What vehicle was it? And was it this wreck today that totalled a vehicle?

  3. jessica

    Geesh! And don’t forget that rock that nearly brained you. You guys rigging your cars to be magnets or something?

    Boo, so sorry :(

  4. Anne

    Oh my WORLD! I forgot about the rock! Yes. You’ve got to get an old wagon [hopefully covered] or an Amish wagon and just forget about cars. You are doomed!

  5. tracy

    Oh dear! I forgot about the rock, too!!!

    That makes five collisions this year with cars, owls, or solid hard objects.


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