jain and annes

Dec 8, 2010

The dynamic duo is here today. Together. For the whole day.

What do I mean by the dynamic duo?

Take two adorable spitfires, throw in some immense amounts of curiosity, a great desire to hide while being mischevious, and the ability to destroy things as only three and four year olds can and you have the dynamic duo.

So far today they have:

* put shampoo in Annesley’s hair

* found Grandma’s mints, opened up the plastic-wrapped tins, and eaten them

* scribbled all over the Make-It-For-Maggie paperwork

* emptied out our Christmas songs and spread them all over the house

* dumped out a gazillion toys, books, puppets, etc

* hid in the bathroom and put Blythe’s make-up all over their adorable faces

Now they are outside playing in the snow so I can catch my breath for a minute!

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  1. LaPriel

    Oh, Tracy, you are so patient! That would utterly wear me out for days afterwards!

    • tracy

      I don’t think I am super patient, but lots of people say I am, so perhaps it is true. I will try to tell myself how patient I am and maybe that will help me be more patient! I have figured out that I am only patient with people I love and Jain and Annes are definitely on my love list. What I really need to work on is loving more people so I can be patient with them too!