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Jan 4, 2011

We began our scripture study program for the year tonight. Yippee!!! This year we are focusing on the New Testament and I am so excited. During our planning meeting this week, Richard and I realized this will be our last four year cycle of study with Blythe.


How did this happen?

She is fourteen and we will only be able to go through each book of scripture one more time with her before she will most likely move out of our home.

This feels like a heavy responsibility and a great opportunity all wrapped up together.

We are using the book Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families because it has a nice variety of activities, readings, added historical insights, and journaling. It also works well for a variety of ages, which in our home is a must since we have a wide spread between our oldest and youngest.

My goals for our scripture study this year?

1. Increase our love for our Savior.

2. Increase our knowledge of Him.

3. Increase our familiarity with the New Testament.

4. Understand the time period politically, geographically, and culturally.

5. Fall in love with the apostles and realize the sacrifices they gave for the early church.

6. Understand the need for a restoration of truth and living prophet.

7. Understand our fellow Christian churches and develop a greater love for them.

8. Increase our scripture study skills…cross-referencing, marking, sleuthing, quickly finding different chapters, etc.

Pretty lofty goals, eh? I am really hoping we stick with it and make this year a New Testament adventure!

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  1. Anne

    Yes, very lofty. I just want to study each week and be prepared for Gospel Doctrine. You are such a good mother and your devotion to what really is important stands out above all in your home. I’m so amazed you turned out like you did. It was completely because you mindfully considered all the options and chose what you really wanted in life. So proud of you!