sacred sabbaths: bearing testimony of christ

Jan 23, 2011

We are blessed to have a dedicated, spiritually-minded, focused on Christ, Primary Presidency. They are focused on teaching the children about Jesus and how to recognize the Spirit of God. They are making their lessons very real to the children and teaching them in ways they can understand. They share their feelings about our Savior every single week and are bringing Him right into their hearts. This week our lesson was about how the Spirit can testify to us when we listen with our hearts and when He does we can KNOW, truly know, something is true.

The Primary Presidency asked several of us to share our testimonies of Jesus in other languages so the children could practice listening with their hearts when they couldn’t understand the words. One sister shared her feelings in Finnish, one brother in Polish, and I shared in sign language. Wow! It was incredibly powerful to listen and feel. It was a blessing in my life to be able to share my love for my Savior with these precious children. As I signed, I thought much more carefully about my words than I do when I speak. I had to slow down and really think about what I know to be true. I think the children felt the Spirit…I know I did!

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  1. Anne

    Tell about the jelly belly things. That was cool, too!

  2. That is so neat! I would’ve loved to hear (and see) those testimonies. :)