the classes start again…am i ready?

Jan 11, 2011

I remember the lovely days of early motherhood when Blythe and I would go out for daily walks, when we looked at bugs, picked up rocks, and spent hours lying in the sun. Those days are gone…for the most part, they are gone. That little girl is now a busy fourteen-year-old with lots of needs outside of my home. I spend my days creating a love of learning environment for my ten-year-old while trying my darndest to mentor my oldest child and get her to the places she needs to be to be mentored by others.

Tomorrow it all starts again. The last six weeks have been bliss. They have been a time to play together, to go back to a simpler time when we were all together all day every day. We have played lots of games, read lots of books, and slept in. Best of all has been seeing Blythe play with the little ones out in the snow and have time to enjoy herself with her siblings. I wondered if those moments were gone forever, but these last few weeks have shown me she still needs us to play with her. Tomorrow we start back in to a myriad of classes for both of the oldest children and two core phase classes for the two littlest ones. Tomorrow we will immerse ourselves in knitting, sewing, the world of Archimedes, logic and debate, Shakespeare, Ballroom Dance, Vocal Jazz, Art, Love of Music, Improv, and my favorite, Story Station.

It is super fun and my children LOVE it, but it is a lot of work and it is a lot of time and sometimes I wonder at my endurance level! Somehow I didn’t foresee this time in my life, but Blythe has some needs that are better met with other mentors and I am grateful for the people in her life who have inspired her to take her education to a new level. Her classes have changed her and helped her push herself in ways I never could have. So it is a huge blessing to her and the rest of us are enjoying the camaraderie and learning. I don’t know how long we will stay on this path, but for now we are here.

But tonight? Tonight I want to savor these last few moments before life gets busy again. I want to gather them around me. I want to snuggle them and freeze time in this moment. I want them to know that being home is the best place to be.

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  1. Oh Tracy, Today was so very much fun. I loved having both your girls and your niece in Knitting class with me. It was expecially nice to see Blythe walk around and help the other girls when she saw that she could be oh so helpful. I’ve very grateful for her talents and her courage today.

  2. tracy

    Oh good! I am so thrilled that you enjoyed your knitting class! Keziah and Eve knitted the whole way home! Thank you for letting me know of Blythe’s helpfulness – how wonderful of her!

  3. Anne

    Dying to hear how the audition went and how the whole day went. Did everyone have a blast? Are they totally turned on to iFamily again? How is Fisher and how did Annes do at her class? Maybe call?

    • tracy

      Will have to call tomorrow…going to bed.

      Everyone had a blast. Keziah’s audition went well, math class was fabulous, art was a big hit, and Fisher and Annes loved their music class. They learned about Australian instruments today and learned the Kookaburra song.

      Tonight we had a yummy dinner of lentils and tabouli, family read-aloud, scriptures – the beginning of Christ’s ministry, and now I am completely pooped and heading to bed.