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Feb 8, 2011

After a week of coughing, aching, gasping, whispering, and barely there lung expansion, I made a big recovery on Saturday and Sunday. I still stayed in bed and rested and tried to rid my body of mucus, but by Saturday night I felt had returned to the land of the living. All the children were sick on Sunday, so we all stayed home and slept while papa went to church by himself.

I had a feeling a baby would be coming on Monday, so I laid low all day and got lots of rest to gear up for it. Sure enough, early Monday morning, the call came. I hurriedly rearranged my day, made sure Blythe had a ride to Seminary and started on my journey.

This family is dear to me. They are the first people who hired me to be their doula who didn’t know me. The first family my advertising campaign worked on. The first family I attended in the hospital. The first birthing family I fell in love with that I wasn’t related to or previous friends with.

I have attended all four of their previous births. Each one has been sacred, glorious, and transformational. Each precious child I could hold and love and nurture forever.

Yesterday was no different…except it was more. It was more miraculous. More tender. More everything. It was harder than the mama expected, longer than she ever knew it could be, and required her to go deeper into her wells of strength than she ever has before.

It was more and it was worth it.

She is worth it.

Her baby girl is here, in her arms, nursing, and looking at her daddy and her siblings. She is beautiful. She is a gift worth waiting for. She is a culmination of their faith. She is a testament to the power of giving ones will over to God. She is a touchable reminder that God can and does work miracles. We are all amazed at the blessing He had waiting for them.

I am so blessed to help welcome babies into this world.

I have one more baby coming any day now…will let you know when she arrives.

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  1. Anne

    I’m so, so happy for them! What a great family! And such good friends.