i’d rather be homeschooled

Feb 24, 2011

Keziah, Eve, Fisher, Annesley, and Christopher (our little friend who spends Thursday mornings with us) have been playing house today. Keziah and Eve are the mamas and the three little ones are the children. They have built a huge fort for their house and the mamas are taking very good care of the children. They are also doubling as school teachers. A few minutes ago, I overheard this conversation…so cute!

Keziah: Isn’t Fisher supposed to be at school?

Eve: Yes, he is. He is not listening very well today. Fisher, you need to go to school.

Fisher: What school do I go to?

Eve: The one in the hallway.

Fisher: Aahh, I’d really rather be homeschooled.

So funny! My children crack me up!

I’m so grateful to be able to homeschool my children. I’m grateful to be able to share my days with them and to watch their minds and hearts grow. I’m grateful to be able to guide them. I’m grateful to be able to help them understand things in their own way. I’m grateful for our Lincoln Logs, Duplos, Tinker Toys, unit blocks, playsilks, big maps, endless books, math manipulatives, audio books, art supplies, and fort making materials. Some people design their homes around entertainment, some around technology, some around sports…I am grateful to be able to design ours around learning. I’m grateful they have time to play and use their imaginations. I’m grateful to be able to pray with them over breakfast, during school time, over lunch, over dinner, at night, and often many times in between. I’m grateful…even on the busy, busy days full of Shakespeare rehearsals, Spanish classes, Liberty Girls, and violin lessons…I am grateful.

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  1. Anne

    So, so adorable! Thanks for sharing.