thankful thursdays 2/24

Feb 24, 2011

* I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Crucial Confrontations training in Salt Lake over the weekend. The information is life-changing. Yes, it really is. If I can only figure out how to implement it and have it become part of my natural conversations, my whole life will change. It is a hard change. I will have to learn to speak clearly and concisely without resorting to character attacks, silence, sarcasm, martyr syndrome, manipulation, shame, half-truths, anger, regret, or any other unhealthy interactions many of us use when we get upset. It was wonderful to see in action the power of listening…listening with our hearts can have a profound impact on the people we interact with. I have already had one crucial confrontation this week and even though it lasted two hours instead of the five minutes it could have lasted, it was far more effective than it otherwise would have been if I hadn’t implemented my newly honed skills. I want to share this information with the world!
* I have new hair! It is super cute and the color is finally something I can live with! My lil’ sis is amazing! It is so nice to look in the mirror and not think I look like death-warmed-over every day.
* I am thankful for a vehicle that runs well, has heat, working wipers, and starts every time. I think back to the vehicle situation we were in a year ago and I am overcome with gratitude for our current vehicle. Now if it could only get 30 mpg, I would be thrilled!
* We have been searching for a full-size violin for Blythe for many months. Praying and praying for a swinging deal to come our way at the right time. Well, it hasn’t come. She hasn’t been having lessons and she hasn’t had a violin to even practice on. In her upcoming Shakespeare play she will be playing music throughout the performance (think Fiddler on the Roof meets Twelfth Night) and we still haven’t been able to find her a violin. Last week, a fellow homeschool mom brought us her violin and said we could borrow it till the end of the play and she refused to charge rent! Hallelujah!

We are still on the lookout for Blythe’s next violin, so keep us in mind if you know of one that sounds great and is at a great price, but for now we are so grateful she will have one to use for the play!
——————————————————————————————————————————–* My friend, Boo, gets a huge shout-out of gratitude this week. She kindly let me stay in her home for the weekend while I was at Crucial Confrontations training! When my mom and sister decided to join me at the last minute, Boo let them stay as well. We had so much fun! It was wonderful to have a big, comfortable home to stay in!
* Remember my missing cell phone? My friend, Cami, came to the rescue by finding one of her old ones she isn’t using anymore. Amazingly enough, it works better than either of our current phones does. Thanks for providing a way for our children to communicate with us when we are gone!!!
We are going to start Twenty and Ten today! Such an adorable book!Twenty+and+Ten

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