the chicken noodle soup

Feb 2, 2011

God is amazing. He knows exactly what we need and how to get it to us. Of this, I am sure.

This morning I posted my plea for garlic-rich chicken noodle soup. This evening, it was delivered!

Now, I wouldn’t have been too shocked if one of my friends delivered it after reading my post or even if they just knew I was sick. Kari had no idea I was ill and hasn’t read my blog in days. Another interesting tidbit, in all the dinners she has ever made for me, she has never made chicken noodle soup.

But God knew and He put the thought in her head and she listened and tonight I was able to drink delicious broth full of onions and garlic and celery and parsley and love and homemade goodness.

God is a miracle worker. Every day in a million ways, big and small, he blesses His children.

Kari, thank you for listening. It means the world to me to know God knows and He sent you a message. My faith is burning bright.

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  1. Anne

    Kari!!!! You are an amazing woman! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my daughter. I would have made if for her if I’d been there. But look at you!

  2. Tasha

    Tracy!!! I actually have been making a very healthy chicken-garlic-onion-ginger-curry soup today. It’s in the crock pot, and I was just about to bring it to you on my way to a church meeting. So, I decided to get on and look at blogs for a minute before I left and I saw that Kari beat me to it!!! Good job, Kari. Well, I don’t know how good mine will taste, because I haven’t tried it yet, but it is full of good things to cure you. I hadn’t read your blog either! Your prayers must really be being listened to.
    I hope you get better soon. See you in a few minutes.

  3. Anne

    Well My GOODNESS! Yes, I know Tracy’s prayers are heard. But this is really obvious [me looking upward to heaven saying those last five words!]

  4. Kari

    When I went to bed Tuesday night I had decided to make Sara’s Noodle Casserole for Wednesday. It was settled. When I got up in the morning, I thought, “Sara’s Noodle Casserole is awfully similar to Yankee Doodle Macaroni which I made two weeks ago. Maybe I need to reconsider Sara.” So I sat down with recipe books and the internet to find the perfect recipe. I thought, “It’s very cold so I should make soup!” The thought came, “Chicken Noodle”. I thought, “Nah!” Then I thought of a really great recipe for Southwest Tortilla Soup. I found it online and wrote it all down and even made a shopping list. This went on for about an hour and a half or so. Finally when all was said and done, the thought came, “Chicken Noodle it is!” Okay, so I made a new shopping list. A few hours later, as the girls and I were in the kitchen making the soup, the phone rang and it was a croaking Tracy. I was happy for the call because I totally would have forgotten the GARLIC! I really wouldn’t have picked Chicken Noodle Soup. So glad God is in control!

  5. tracy


    Thank you for listening to Him. I cannot even express how my faith and trust have grown through this experience. It is simply amazing to me that He cares and knows and loves and teaches His children in such a continuous manner. If you wouldn’t have been open to listening, God’s message to my heart would not have come…and trust me, as much as I needed the soup, I needed the message far more.