blowing bubbles

Mar 29, 2011

While I sewed Daniel’s quilt yesterday, four of our friends came over to play. Fisher, Annes, Abby, and Zach spent a lot of time outside in the cold blowing bubbles. They were having so much fun I sent Blythe out to take their pictures. Somehow Abby didn’t end up in any of the pictures, but trust me, she was having a blast!

Notice my children’s attire…not quite appropriate for the temps, but they didn’t seem to mind the cold, so I let them have their fun.




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  1. Anne

    Dear Tracy. This is your Mother. Although I love looking at pictures of your children and think it is quite lovely that they are standing out in the freezing weather blowing bubbles, I’m wondering if you could log on to my hotmail account and follow Jessica’s instructions about my blog . . . something about the domain or the server or something. Thank you very much, dear. Love Mom

  2. tracy

    Dear Anne,

    This is your daughter. I would be happy to walk you through the process or even do it for you. Step one is to find your customer # and password at

  3. Anne

    OK. I emailed what I think you are needing. But I’m not totally sure. Hey this is a nifty way to make it look like there are comments galore! I wish someone would do this on my blog so it would look like I had a comment or two. Oh, stop. Wait! I remember. I can just do it myself. Remember the one from hubby?

  4. Anne

    well, did you try the usual?